Rajesh Kasturirangan
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I am curious about many things: life, the universe and everything else of course, but also insect minds, children's stories and dream yoga. It's because I grew up with many imaginary friends. Some were only a little dissimilar: left-handed when I am right-handed, humble when I am arrogant.  Other imaginaries were entirely different; one a tree, another a stone. All of them suffer from the same problem....they're chained to my karmic ship. I try to treat them as well as I can.



Here is where I foreshape ideas, turning fantasies into probabilities; I expect it to fail about 98% of the time. The ideas here are still being born - nine toes in my head and one in the world. Like any other creature, the first year of an idea's life is its hardest. If the idea survives infancy it will grow up to become something else - a book, a fad, a robot. So much for the cover; if you want to read the book, take a look at my current projects